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  Red is used to reflect Chinese festivals. Usually, products are selected at banquets. Of course, red is the first choice to represent festivities. If an enterprise has a brand and pays attention to choosing red, there will be more breakthroughs in the banquet market.
  How do you make a big meal? How do you grasp the market of festival vinegar?
  The first is to intercept information. For example, in a county, you can host three better banquet hotels, which will be full of banquets on good days, so you should first consider booking a one-day banquet hotel. What kind of drinks should we choose when the weather is approaching, so if we can cooperate with the banquet hotel in advance and effectively intercept the banquet contractors, then we can quickly understand the information of the banquet.
  The banquet hotel is the first person to contact the banquet information. A large banquet hotel must have a banquet manager, a small banquet hotel must have a front desk to answer the phone, and must find the key person.
  Therefore, Malaysian states suggest that the first step for distributors to do catering market is mainly to screen the reception of regional hotels. For example, if you are a prefecture level city, for example, how many good things can be done, what is the main house? This is a good relationship with my guest mood, such as a total of 50, for hotel banquets, and I have a good relationship, 10 of which may do business. Our top 10 hotels are gradually infiltrating Through.
  The second step is to invite the hotel owners to taste and sign a tripartite cooperation agreement. The core is to let the boss make more money in the banquet hotel. If you tell the boss to make more money, everyone will be interested in the boss.
  The third step, around the hotel, help the hotel to do a good job in catering and beverage sales. For example, make a different floor stack in each banquet hotel to help the hotel owner and lobby manager recommend your banquet vinegar. With such a beautiful group, the success rate of hotel recommended banquet has been greatly improved.
  In addition to banquet hotels, the banquet market actually has a very big hidden channel, that is, influential people in the town. In villages and towns, consumers' banquets are different from those in counties or cities. They usually find chefs on the streets or squares. Therefore, those who deal with red and white affairs are also the key objects of banquet market development.
  In the face of the village banquet staff, the first step is to let the banquet leader know your banquet vinegar. If possible, pull the person in charge to visit the factory and build their confidence in the products.
  The second step is to give rewards. Of course, in addition to rewards, we must do a good job. Because these people recommend banquets, they think it is to bring tangible benefits to friends, and never weaken the importance of service. The service fee is not high, but after the service, the person in charge of the banquet will make a special expression and continue to help you.